Studio Info

My studio is a unique, comfortable, and professional space.  Located in a separate building on my property in Caledonia, Michigan (south of Grand Rapids).  It consists of a main/control room, an isolation booth, a restroom and a foyer.  The building is centrally heated and air conditioned.


Multi-Track Recording
Roland VS 2480-CD    24 all digital track Hard Disc Recorder
Pro Tools 11 LE  M-Box2

Signal Processing
Focusrite Octo Pre
4 Stereo (8 Mono) digital effects units inside VS 2480 (reverb, compressor, delay, etc.)
ProTools  production plug-ins
Lexicon MPX Native plug-in
Melodyne 4 (Celemony) wav editor

Neuman TLM-103
Sennheiser MD421
Josephson C-329
Shure SM-57
Oktava MK-012

Alesis MKII

Techniques SX-P50 - 88 note weighted action piano (zone sampled Steinway concert grand)
Roland XV 5080 synth/sample player with orchestral expansion module
Korg TR 6 Workstation
ProTools plug-n Instruments
EZDrummer - sampled drums and drum patterns